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Do you want to buy a property in Spain?

READ our experts opinions about buying property in Spain

After 11 years working with you, our international clients, helping you make real estate purchases in Spain, and with help from our multilingual team of experts who have detailed knowledge of the 20 most important cities in Spain in terms of real estate, we have finally decided to create this unique magazine specially for you.

Providing excellent Service and Value to non-residents who wish to buy real estate in Spain is an integral part of our business. Be it for the purchase of a home, a second residence, or as a small or medium investment, we understand that it is likely one of the most important purchases of your life.

In this magazine we intend to give:

  • Some data and market info.
  • As well as provide answers to questions anyone who doesn’t live in the country or doesn’t know its customs and procedures might have.

We place all our KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE at your disposal; to hep you find and buy the house of your dreams or make that profitable investment.

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