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Property buyers
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Agnes Csomos
"My mission is to be your eyes, ears and feet in Madrid’s daunting real estate market"

"My mission is to be your eyes, ears and feet in Madrid’s daunting real estate market"

For Agnes Csomos, “the goal is to save you time & money, simplify the process, and eliminate any conflicts of interest.

  • Save time: I will be very familiar with your needs and wants, enabling me to filter and show you only those properties that can really be a good match.
  • Save money: I will be the detective who can help you find out all those things that homeowners and real estate agents might not want you to know.
  • Reduce concerns & simplify the process: when you have a Buyer’s Agent, you have the backing of whole team of professionals working just for you and looking out for your best interests. You have additional services, such as a technical report by an architect and notary mediation, that serve a single purpose:  your complete satisfaction with the purchase.
  • Eliminate conflicts of interest: I have no interest in you buying one particular property or another. My only interest is you buying the best possible property that fits within your budget
  • In other words: I am 100% on your side and by your side throughout the whole process. As your agent I can help you find that diamond in the rough or that dream home you are searching for, without conditioning, pushing, or trying to sell you anything.”


Agnes Csomos has put together a free guide for you, with more information and things you should know if you are thinking of buying property in Spain, including:

  • Requirements to buy a house in Spain as a foreigner.
  • What you need to do to before buying a house in Spain.
  • What taxes do you have to pay if you buy/own property in Spain.
  • Golden Visa for foreign investors.
  • Most sought-after types of real estate in Madrid.
  • How do you find a property?
  • Signing the pre-agreement

 These are some of the advantages of hiring a Buyer’s Agent through Property Buyers by Somrie:

  • Personalized counselling
  • Search for the ideal property
  • Simplification if the process
  • Time saving
  • Fewer worries & concerns
  • Guarantee of a quality service
  • After sale services

Can we help you buy a property in Madrid?